Root canal treatment in Kolkata


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Get an Overview of the Root Canal Treatment

Suffering from a severe toothache? Prescribed to undergo the Root Canal Treatment? Well, there is nothing to worry about it. The treatment of root canal has reached to an advanced level with the use of modern tools and high-end techniques. For instance, the root canal is the process of removing pulp from the damaged area and filling & sealing it. The damaged area is properly disinfected and cleaned for the process. The pulp may get affected due to a cavity, cracked tooth, repeated treatment or trauma.

In this article, you would come to know about the steps associated with Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata. But before talking about the treatment let’s have a look at the signs those necessitate the root canal treatment.


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Signs to Understand the Need of Root Canal

There are signs by which you can understand that your paining tooth needs attention and treatment. Some of the common signs are:

  • Extended Sensitivity towards Cold or Heat
  • Tenderness to touch and chewing
  • Tenderness and Swelling in Lymph nodes
  • Tenderness and swelling in gingival tissues and bone
  • Drainage
  • Tooth Discoloration

Steps of Doing a Root Canal

Root Canal treatment has a protocol of steps to be followed. Below are the steps of doing a root canal discussed in details:

X-Ray to Examine

This is the very first step associated with the root canal treatment. A dentist would prescribe to undergo the X-Ray to locate the exact position of the decay. X-Ray would also help in understanding the depth of the decay of the tooth. A dentist can plan the treatment based on the X-Ray report of the affected tooth.

Anesthesia to Operate

The patient needs to undergo local anesthesia of the tooth to get the treatment done. As the pulp has to be removed and the infected areas have to be disinfected; it would be very painful. Hence, local anesthesia is advised by the dentist.

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